B2 Backblaze upload


I’m wondering when it will be possible to upload in B2.

Few weeks ago I have written to Backblaze to ask that. And here is the reply:

“This is still being looked into/worked on. We actually did recently implement the option for the sha-1 of files to be accepted at the end. Now, we simply need time for oDrive to incorporate this into their product. I don’t have an estimated ETA for this yet though, I’m afraid.”


Hi @surya-x,
The update to B2 is tied up with our large-scale, major release that is currently under heavy development. It will be coming, but I also do not have a concrete date to offer.

Thank you for the reply!

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Gentle Nudge on B2. After Amazon nuked unlimited, I’ve been looking for a solution and have decided on B2 for the price/performance point. I hope the new major release talked about in April will also come to us Mac users. :). I don’t mind using b2 sync for the time being, but I would prefer to use Odrive to manage all of it.