B2 and Web Thumbnail Previews - Not Available


As a photographer, I have many folders of RAW and JPEG images backed up on the cloud.
Sometimes I need to download RAWs to re-edit for clients and the majority of the time, the RAW files are not named meaningfully so a thumbnail preview is very helpful.
Previously, ACD and Dropbox have both allowed JPEG and RAW thumbnail previews via their web file browsers however I am moving my storage to Backblaze B2.

I’ve just linked up odrive to a B2 bucket and the thumbnail previews are not showing for JPEGs or RAWS.

I don’t want to sync the whole folder of RAWs (can be over 100GB) to my desktop to preview files so I want to be able to this through the odrive web file browser.

Is this something that is available that I haven’t enabled or is this not possible?


Hi @pauls,
B2 is more of a utility storage provider, so they do not offer the same level of features, like thumbnail generation. odrive will display images, if they are small enough, but it won’t be able to show thumbnails of much larger photos on B2, because there are no thumbnails that are automatically available on that platform.

HI @Tony,
Many thanks for the prompt reply and explanation!
I’ll have to find a solution from B2’s side it seems
Thanks Tony

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I have the same problem.
If I created the thumbnails for B2, where is your limit on how big a Jpg file should be?
And how should it be saved for auto recognise?

If it’s not auto recognise then will just baptise the as mini or put it in a thumbs folder…

Best Regards.

Hi Renato,
The limit is 1MB in size. If it is a file that has an extension of “jpg”, “jpeg”, “bmp”, “png”, “gif”, “tif”, or “tiff” and is 1MB or less, it should display it as a thumbnail.