Avoiding conflicts when editing files outside of odrive

Hello, I’m wondering what is the status on this matter - rough copy of thread from old forum attached.

Regards, Jeff

Avoiding conflicts when editing files outside of odriveBefore
I installed odrive and was using OneDrive under Windows 8.1 (now
Windows 10) I used to edit files (typically Excel files) on my local
computer, then copy them into the local OneDrive directory for OneDrive
to upload to the cloud manually. I would then take the local files
offline to save space. In trying to do a similar thing with odrive I am
copying an edited local file into the odrive folders where there there
is already a placeholder for the previous file (before editing) which
when the revised file is uploaded causes a conflict. Is there possibly a
workaround to avoid this or am I obliged to keep local files into the
odrive directory. I suppose the basis of this is that I am using
OneDrive as a backup for local files rather than as a source of working
files for editing. Any help would be welcome.Like
224 Dec 2015Not
quite. I am editing a local copy of the file and then copying it to
the odrive/OneDrive folder alongside the unsynced placeholder for an
older copy of the same file which I have previously uploaded to the
cloud using odrive. So instead of using the older version for editing I
am using a local copy held outside the odrive folder. In other words I
am using OneDrive cloud for holding backup copies of my files not
working copies. Hope that makes sense even if it seems an odd way to
work.LiketonymAdmin30 Dec 2015Thanks for the info Jeff. I see the same behavior as you do and we’ll be looking into it.Likejeffnk30 Dec 2015Thank
you Tony, that is excellent. I would like to use odrive mainly because
of its simplicity and the ability to just have a local placemarker and
keep the full file in the cloud.Like9wMay I ask if this has been resolved in the current version?LiketonymAdmin8wHi Jeff,This hasn’t been addressed yet, but it is on the list.

This should be fixed. Have you tried with our latest client?