Avast blocks odrive (bz2.pyd and _hashlib.pyd FileRepMetagen Malwares)

Hi there.
Today I migrate Win10 and apps (including Odrive) from SSD to M.2 using Samsung Data Migration Tool. Everything went fine, just Odrive started to not start (on boot and manually, can’t find out why)
So I unistalled Odrive, downloaded latest version (6590) from official site and reinstalled it. At this point, I noticed that Avast was blocking odrive because it founded bz2.pyd and _hashlib.pyd in Appdata/Local/Temp.
I disable Avast, and everything went fine.
Can anyone explain me if it’s Avast or Odrive issue? Do I need to worry or just whitelist Odrive?


Hi @gpuccio87,
This is a false positive from Avast. Those files are just python libraries that we use (our app is developed in python).

My guess is that there is a malware app that is also developed in python and uses some of the same libraries, and Avast is being overly aggressive in its detection.

Thank you Tony, I imagined that. I’ll whitelist those files and scan my PC for malwares. Thanks again

No problem @gpuccio87! I am going to reach out to Avast, also, and see if there is anything we can do here.