Avast! anti virus, broke odrive

I currently have odrive running one of my Windows 8.1 Pro x64 clients.

A few days ago Avast! flagged it as a trojan, or some baloney. I reported it as a false positive, but it seems it broke my installation.

What are my options to get it working again?


Hi @carlco,
Did you try reinstalling? Or uninstallng and then reinstalling?

By broke, do you mean odrive can no longer run?


Hi, yes odrive no longer starts at all. I’ll try reinstalling.

Just let me know if the issues persist after re-install.

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Seems like that worked. Oddly I have odrive installed on two Windows clients, only one of them had this issue.

Both machines had Avast! installed too? In any case, I’m glad it is resolved on that machine. Just let me know if it comes up again.

Yep, both had Avast! installed.


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