Autoupdate without choice?

Can you please re-add the update approval box so that the autoupdater will never interrupt my uploads again?
Millions of gigabytes are lost, because odrive updates without requesting my approval :frowning:

Thank you,

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Yes. We should be waiting until the software is idle before attempting an auto-update. We will need to fix this.

Hi Toni.
An update dialog box would be sufficient so that I can postpone or force it on my own.
Adding a switch to not be bothered by the update dialog will match mainly all use cases…


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I really, really don’t like that forced autoupdate either. I think you should implement updating options, like they have for example in Firefox, or avast to do it automatically, or just to be notified, or to download but not to install. This will be more proper to respect the users and their choices, and most important to avoid any possible disruptions while they are doing some work with the computer and the forced autoupdate interference.

We add a feature to disable automatic restarts when autoupdating:

Thanks Tony,
That’s good.
So I have to add this, right?
“disableAutoupdateRestart”: true

Hi @mr108,
If you remove the existing odrive_user_general_conf.txt file and restart odrive it will regenerate it with the new options. You can also just add the option like this:

    "allowOldDownload": false, 
    "disableAutoupdateRestart": true, 
    "disableFSEvents": false, 
    "disableSparse": false, 
    "ignoreSizeMismatch": false, 
    "localScanIntervalSecs": 3600, 
    "maxDownloadRetries": 3, 
    "suppressTrashNotifications": false