Autoupdate issues

Hi — the autoupdate capability seems routinely not to work correctly on MacOS. It’s an easy enough workaround to check the version and then download & apply the update manually, and so I haven’t worried about reporting this. But: it seems like this function should work, and it doesn’t. I wonder if anyone else is seeing this, or whether there’s something environment-specific that could be causing it? (I see the same behaviour on three separate machines, and it’s been consistent across multiple versions of MacOS as well). Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

Hi @andrew,
Apologies for the confusion on this.

We push to our autoupdater very infrequently, nowadays. The client has achieved a very stable state, and has been that way for quite a while. Since software updates can be pretty disruptive, especially when distributed across such a large user base with extremely varied environments, we only autoupdate when there is something critical that needs to be addressed. I suppose its a sort of (paraphrased) “if it ain’t broke, don’t force it” approach…

That being said, we’ll probably be doing a slow roll-out of the latest version (whichever that may be) within the next few months to bring everyone current.

Thanks for the prompt reply @Tony — that’s really helpful, and makes a lot of sense.
Given this process, I’d suggest an enhancement to the client to add a feature that would allow the user to check for updates — or at least be proactively notified of them—rather than having to rely on going to the website to find out if anything has been released :slight_smile:

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Hey @andrew,
I appreciate the feedback! It is a good idea, and I’ve pointed the product team to this post.

In the meantime, since we post to the “Release Notes” section any time there is a new release, you can set it up so that you are always notified.