Automatically disable sync when using a metered wifi connection?


It would be nice if the odrive client could be configured to not autosync when using a connection that has been flagged as being metered. It would be best if that could be detected from OS settings (Win 10 only, I think), but in-client flagging would definitely work as well.


Thanks for the request.

By in-client flagging, to you mean offering a way to designate your connection as “metered” in the odrive client config?

Would providing something like a max daily bandwidth limit as part of advanced odrive throttling capabilities solve this?


Yes, having a way to denote a (saved) connection as metered. The specific use case that I’m thinking of is that I’ve got a laptop that has odrive on it. At home and the office, the wifi/lan connections are unmetered and I don’t care about how much data is transferred. However, at the coffee shop using my cell phone as a hotspot for a connection that has only so many GB/mo, I don’t want odrive to sync anything unless it is explicitly requested by me. I also want odrive to detect that same hotspot connection in the future (after flagging it as metered) so that I don’t have to flag it every time or disable odrive every time that I’m on that hotspot. Much like you can do with Windows 10 so it won’t d/l updates over your metered wifi connections.

Does that help explain it a little more?


I second the request. W10 already has the feature. oDrive just needs to read this information from the network adapter; it can have the option of either pausing or throttling the download/upload


I’m using onedrive but will switch to odrive if it has this feature.


As long as it doesn’t spam notifications as badly as the official OneDrive client does!