Automatic Un-Sync

Please give the option to “unsync” automatically when file/folder is uploaded to the cloud. THX. Gilles


Just to be clear, do you mean a global rule that would automatically unsync any new files after they finished syncing?


correct - this is what i mean.

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+1 for this feature request!


+1 for this feature request as well!

+1 for this feature request! Could be an option in the right click menu “Sync and after Unsync”. :wink:

its coming! soon!:smiling_imp:

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@rafhob: what you say doesn’t make sense. Sync downloads cloud content to your computer. Unsync just leaves a place-holder on your computer where the content is in the cloud.

I know that @gcool! I’m have been using odrive awhile. What I mean is that if you throw a new folder (not synced yet) inside the odrive repository and right click “Sync and after Unsync” odrive will unsync he folder straight after it syncs. The “Sync and after Unsync” option is for odrive client to know that you want to unsync that new folder straight after it syncs.

Could be an “Unsync after the sync” option on the main odrive menu to do this in a universal form (it unsyncs all folders directly after you put on odrive repository). But normally you don’t want to unsync all folders immediately after you put in odrive repository, so the button “Sync and after Unsync” is for certain folders that you doesn’t want synced in your computer. Sorry if i was not clear enough, i’m from Brazil and english it’s not my first language. :slight_smile:

I was proposing the “automatic unsync” feature from day one i used ODRIVE. For me, Amazon is just my safe place for all the data i don’t need on my computer.

+1 for this feature with a twist. AutoSync directories and auto-unsync files. Sync’ing directories won’t take up much space. This way we don’t have to open (sync) directories before dropping/opening files.

It would be nice if we could have an option to, say, keep the last X MB and start unsync’ing older unused files incase there are frequently used file.

Use Case
I’m finding myself about to save a file but realize I didn’t “open” the directories first. So I have to open up Finder (Mac), drill down all the sub-directories, go back to the save dialog box, navigate the sub-directory, then finally save the file.


Many kudos for adding this feature to the new release (v5080/5085). It would be useful on a per-folder basis in addition to globally. There are file/folder sets that need to be shared but not updated frequently while other shares should be kept locally at all times.


+1 for this feature, auto unsync as soon the file is on the odrive folder and up in the cloud

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This feature is available in our Premium subscription. The shortest duration is currently 1 day after syncing.

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A timer could be usefull. After 1 min, 5 min, 30 min, 1 hour; until you reach the current features.

Thanks in advance

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Can you make the auto-unsync a per folder thing? There are folders which I want always synced but I would appreciate autounsync on others.

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So I understand correctly, I can choose to automatically sync my entire Dropbox (with no download, save the setting, and apply to new folders) and I will have all the folder and filenames which are searchable in Spotlight. If I choose to automatically unsync, it will keep the placeholders but remove the files? So my searching ability would still be intact?

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Yes, that is correct. A full expand (all placeholders in the structure exposed) will allow you to search folder and filenames in spotlight. Setting auto-unsync will unsync any cached files that have not been modified within the specified threshold.