Automatic Local Sync to Cloud?


I can’t find how to set up a local folder to automatically sync to a Cloud Drive. Can you please tell me ?

The idea is to backup my important folders and files to the cloud without taking twice the space on my computer.

Thank you.

Hi @fushankwoon,
The feature you are looking for is called “sync to odrive”.

It is technically not " traditional backup" since it will provide full, two-way sync between a local folder, but it can be used to sync those important folders that you already have on your computer.
You can read more about it here:

There is also a blog post that you may find interesting:

Hi @Tony,

Is there a way to do a one-way backup instead ?

Thank you.

Hi @fushankwoon,
We will be releasing an official backup feature in the future, as soon as development (in progress) finishes.