Automatic backup with odrive and Amazon Cloud Drive?

Hi all! I’m a photographer, so I am generally adding several gigs of pictures to my hard drive with each shoot. I am taking advantage of Amazon Prime’s free photo storage, however I am really disappointed that it does not offer the option of automatically backing up photos. It seems if I want to back up new images, I have to either click through a bunch of folders to find the specific files, or just re-upload my entire “pictures” library. Both take a lot of time.
Is an automatic backup possible with odrive and Amazon Cloud? If so, how do I do it? I’ve looked through the odrive website but can’t find an answer to this question.


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odrive does not discriminate based on file type, it will try to sync anything you put within the scope of its monitoring. So, this means you can use pro sync to sync a local folder to Amazon Cloud Drive, or move/copy a given folder into the ACD link in your odrive folder and those files will sync, but you will receive errors for files that are not “allowed” by Amazon on the unlimited photos plan.

@APphotography: Our business is photography as well. The Pro Sync option has the advantage of allowing you to specify arbitrary folders that odrive syncs a cloud bucket. Whether this is viable depends on your workflow.

Lightroom now mostly works with odrive. Occasionally - particularly if you use Bridge or third party tools- there are temporary files created that odrive starts syncing, Lightroom tries to delete, and everything crashes to a halt. Most of our photographers use Capture One. Pointing odrive at a live C1 folder is a recipe for disaster.

Try and see is the best option. Be aware that Amazon Cloud Drive is less robust than some other storage options. Uploading huge files to ACD through odrive has proved problematic for some photographers. We are using Amazon S3 with no major issues and I have also successfully tried Google Drive and Box for Biz.

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