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i’m synching my work directories, and i save several versions of the files i’m working on. i want them to live on the cloud, but when i want to work on one, i just want odrive to download/synch the latest one, instead of all of them.

so autodownload has by size: always, 10mb, 100mb, 500mb never
i’d also like to have: latest file, latest day, latest week, latest month. or something like that.

and then if i need older files, i can manually download them.

hope i explained that well. :slight_smile: thanks for looking!

Hi @BLR,
This is an interesting idea.

How are you maintaining the versions of your files right now? Are they sitting alongside each other, but have been named in a way to indicate “versions”?

Depending on your workflow, this could already be possible. odrive will already always update a file if it has changed on the remote, so if your most recent version is always the same file, odrive will always keep that updated as it changes. For example, if you perform “save as” actions to create your backup versions, and then continue to maintain a single file as the “active” one, that single file will always be updated locally to the latest via odrive’s sync.

heyas, tony!

i generally save my work in stages, as often i have to go back to a previous stage to get something i lost or messed up. so i will save incrementally, like “project-1a”, “project-1b”, “project-1c-rigging” (to indicate what major change i’m doing on that file). if i do a BIG change, i might go to “project-2a” and so on.

so let’s say i’m working on project ARROW, and i make a buncha files. however, i stop working on project ARROW, because now i have to do work on project BOULDER. so i want to clear the ARROW files (in the Arrow sub-directory) off my local drive and keep them on the cloud. i then want to activate the Boulder sub-directory, but only fetch the latest file from it, to pick up where i left off.

when you say ‘changed on the remote,’ are you talking about the cloud or my local machine? to me, the cloud is remote, and my local hard drive is local :wink:

i’m also not sure how to ‘maintain a single file as the ‘active’ one’? is there a link to how to do all that in the manual?

thanks so much!

Hi @BLR,

So for this you can do the following:

  1. Right-click->unsync on the ARROW subfolder. This will unsync the contents and convert the ARROW folder into a placeholder file (ARROW.cloudf), freeing up any space that was taken up by that folder on your computer.
  2. Double-click on the BOULDER folder to expand it. By default it should only create placeholder files representing the remote files (files in the cloud). You can then sort the files by “Date Modified”, select the ones you want to download, and then right-click->sync them. This would limit the locally cached files to only the ones you need immediate access to and leave the rest as placeholders, taking up no space.

This was based on my assumption there was that you were creating versions of your files by saving them off as different names (which may be incorrect). For instance, you are working on MyFile.file and you periodically save copies of that file during your work (MyFile_version2.file, MyFile_version3.file). MyFile.file is always the “active” file in this case.

Something else to keep in mind is that odrive will always keeps your locally synced files updated if they change in the cloud, so there isn’t anything special you need to do for your “active” file.

For example:

  • On computer1 you are currently working on BOULDER/MyFile.file. When you make your changes to it, they are automatically uploaded to the cloud.
  • Still on computer1, while you are working on BOULDER/MyFile.file, you are periodically making copies of it as your versions (BOULDER/MyFile_version2.file). This file is also automatically saved to the cloud
  • On computer2 you will see all of these files as placeholders, initially.
    On computer2 you can then sync down BOULDER/MyFile.file (the “active” file) to work on it . When you make edits to it, these edits are automatically uploaded.
  • Back on computer1 BOULDER/MyFile.file is automatically updated with the changes you made to it on computer2… and so forth.

oh, that is super helpful! thank you!

when i save the file as ‘version 1’ and ‘version 2’, it’s the latest number that becomes the ‘active’ one, not the original-name file. but it works the same with the time/date stamps. cool!

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