"Auto Unsync" wins the battle over "Always Download"?

Can you clarify auto-unsync? The user guide excerpt is below. Does this mean that the folder options “always download” and “unsync” negate each other? And “auto-unsync” will always be the winner?

From your user guide:
Keep in mind that auto unsync settings will apply to any files that have been downloaded. For example, if you have set folder sync rules to a folder to always download everything, the folder setting applies to any newly added files. After those files are downloaded, auto unsync settings would apply. If you do not wish the results of your folder settings to be undone in that case, then you should set auto unsync to “Never”.

Hi @dora.lam.himlin,

Auto-unsync is a global setting and will always be applied after syncing has completed. In your example, folder sync rules will cause new files to be synced, if they appear remotely. Once syncing has completed on those files, auto-unsync can come around and unsync any files that fall under the auto-unsync configuration you have set.

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