"Auto Unsync Files" per folder please


Can we have “Auto Unsync Files” PER folder?

Like we have it now, “Global” is OK!
But “Per link” would be GREAT, and “Per folder” would be AWESOME!!!




I second this. Currently using the cloud with automated backup software, and I can’t afford to have symbolic links break because of folders randomly becoming placeholders…

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Unsync settings by folder would be huge!
I have two entirely separate use cases to my workflow, both residing on the same cloud storage.

One (documents) needs to be present on my local machine at all times as I frequently need to search through old documents and open them quickly.

The other (photo) is more of an archive once I select and process recent shots. While I occasionally need to go back, I can wait for the sync. The overall size of the archive (11TB) makes it impossible to sync to my machine in its entirety.

Thank you!


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Thanks for the feedback. We are listening :slight_smile:


I have nothing concrete or useful to add, other than that this would be extremely useful.

I agree, would be very welcome. I can however see the issue of not being able to tell which folders have what setting, since there’s no GUI for settings in Odrive. One solution would be to have it show up in the contextual menu when right-clicking, as an exception to the rule. But too many exceptions would add more complexity, and maybe take more time to scan for?

Hello, is this implemented yet? :+1: