Auto start odrive agent and auto mount on os boot (ubuntu)

hi, can someone helpme to start automatically odrive synch agent server on my ubuntu 17 and mount automatically to local odrive folder?

Hi @william.melatini,
Once you setup odrive with a mount and authenticate, you really just need to run the odrive agent (.odrive-agent/bin/odriveagent) on startup, and it will use the previous settings.

You would probably want to use systemd create a start-up process for odriveagent. There are tons of resources out there for creating a systemd service, so you should be able to find some basic information on creating a simple systemd service file and enabling it.

thanks for the replay.

to automatic synchronization from cloud? i get synch from cloud lunching bash script via comand

Hi @william.melatini,
odrive will always automatically sync new/changed files up. To pull files down automatically you will need to tell odrive to do that periodically. A script running as a scheduled task can do that.

hi, i try to use the ubuntu app “startup application”. i have add this comand on the new startup elment “nohup “$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin/odriveagent” > /dev/null 2>&1 &” (i try also “sudo nohup “$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin/odriveagent” > /dev/null 2>&1 &”) but not works. i think i missing something important concept.
p.s. the comand work if i past it on the terminal

i aslo create a file under .config/autostart/odrive.desktop with this line:
[Desktop Entry]
Name=Odrive Agent
Exec=sudo nohup “$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin/odriveagent” > /dev/null 2>&1 &
Comment=Avvio Odrive Agent

but nothing

Hi @william.melatini,
What if you put the command into a script and autostart that, instead? You can also remove nohup and the redirection to see what might be happening better: "$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin/odriveagent"

Also, sudo will have issues unless you have modified the sudoers file to allow sudoing without entering your password.

You might also have more luck with a systemd vs autostart.

I can confirm (on Linux Mint 19, so basically ubuntu) the Startup Applications method works with a bash script that looks like:

nohup “$HOME/.odrive-agent/bin/odriveagent” > /dev/null 2>&1 &

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