Auto download behaviour

I have the auto download option set to ‘Always download’. When I create a folder or file on Google Drive, it creates a placeholder on my local drive and only downloads it when I expand it.

I want it so that the folder or file is always downloaded, whether I expand it or not.


Hi @wellington,
Auto-download will apply to any new files, but not folders, as you have seen. You will want to set folder sync rules on the parent folder so that new folders will automatically expand. Please take a look at this section of our documentation for more information.

Thanks very much for the information. I think it would be clearer if the documentation specified that you have to right click on a folder and click ‘Sync’ to bring up the black box with the options.

Just to check something else. I don’t actually need to use the odrive folder as I only sync folders outside the odrive folder. Is there a way to effectively turn off the sync so that nothing in the odrive folder is stored locally (without it conflicting with the above).


Hi Adam,
You can right-click->unsync the contents in the default odrive folder to turn everything back into placeholders. This will ensure that nothing is synced in there.

I’ll look into adding some additional info to the documentation in this section.