Authorized user and oauth

I had to re-download odrive and re-install. To do this, I had to grant oauth access to google to authorize my user, which has access to google drive data. But I only really need Amazon data associated. So, if I de-authorize the oauth on google’s end, and my user’s email is still authorized, will that break odrive backing up to Amazon? Seems like it shouldn’t, but want to confirm since I had a broken installation for a while, and maybe that’s the reason.

If so, I would like a workaround as well. I login with my gmail user, but only need Amazon integration and don’t need to expose Gdata. Thanks for the info.

Hi @shaiguitar,
You can unlink your Google storage in your account, so that you are only authorizing with Google. This may still retain the same scopes, though.

Alternatively, you can switch your OAuth login to Amazon, instead of Google, which will remove Google from the equation, entirely. To do this, go here and then click on “change” under “Signed In With”