"Authorize odrive" issue on W7 and W8.1

“Authorize odrive” box pops up every time I access a folder on Windows Explorer, and folders won’t sync between PCs . Only started this week. When I click on the “Authorize odrive” button, I get “We couldn’t complete authorization”, no matter how many times I try. Very frustrating!

(On my PCs, odrive syncs with Amazon, Google, OneDrive, and OneDrive for Business.)

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?


Diagnostics have been sent

It looks like the diagnostics never made it over, which could indicate a general networking issue.

You suddenly started seeing this on both systems and they are on the same network? If so, have there been any networking changes made (new equipment, firewalls, etc…)?

Are you able to access the odrive web client (https://www.odrive.com)?

Can you try sending one more diagnostic, as well?


Just sent diagnostic from a different network but off of same W8.1 PC (Surface) that was on the original network and causing problems earlier.

Both PCs were on the same network when the problem occurred. I have just experienced the same problem on my home network. Interestingly, the problem only seems to occur on OneDrive for Business. Amazon, Google and consumer OneDrive all seem to sync normally.

The error message from OneDrive for Business is:

Please authorize odrive to access OneDrive For Business
When you add a link to odrive, you authorize odrive to access the linked content on your behalf. For some links, your authorization needs to be periodically renewed.
Authorize odrive [button]
Cancel [button]

When the “authorize odrive” button is clicked, the following message appears:

We couldn’t complete authorization
The service you are trying to link may be having issues. Please try again later.

I have been able to access the odrive web client, and login with no problem from both networks. I will investigate whether there were any changes to the network at work tomorrow.

Thanks for your help.

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Just confirmed that there were no changes to the office network or firewall in the last month. As stated, the problem seemed to start at the beginning of this week. Appears to be something that OneDrive for Business has changed…

We’ll take a look today to see if anything might be amiss with OD4B.

Just to clarify, you are back in business now, or still experiencing issues?


Today all is well with the world. Not sure what changed, but everything on OneDrive for Business is working as expected.

And then just now, the pop-up box appeared with the request to authorize, and the resulting denial. And yet the sync is now working. Not sure what manner of witchcraft is at play here :slight_smile:

Okay, back to square one. After working most of the day, OD4B no longer syncs (on both PCs), pop-up boxes are everywhere, as are the errors when I try to “Authorize odrive”. Any ideas?

Hi @DrewWilliams,
Well that sounds pretty frustrating… OD4B is one of our more temperamental integrations, but let’s see if we can figure out what is happening here:
Can you trigger another set of errors, along with your auth attempt and then submit a diagnostic?

All done. Tried to sync file. Got pop-up to “authorize odrive”. Clicked and received “We couldn’t complete authorization” message. Sent diagnostics immediately after (just now).

Hi @DrewWilliams,

If I am not wrong “We couldn’t complete authorization. The service you are trying to link may be having issues. Please try again later.” is sometime related to browser cache. Would you like to clear your default browser cache or temporarily switch to different browser and see if this error goes away?


In normal case, odrive shouldn’t ask you to “Authorize odrive” against your OneDrive for Business storage link in such a short frequency until odrive is removed from “App permissions” section from the source web interface.

Could you please visit this page https://portal.office.com/account/# and confirm “odrive” is listed under heading “You can revoke permission for these apps”?

If you see the same as above, then definitely there is something else triggering this problem.


Appreciate the help Drew. Can I trouble you for another diagnostic. The previous one didn’t come through, for some reason.

Diagnostics sent just now

Thanks Asif, I’ll have a look and will report back shortly

@AsifNisarr, confirmed that the odrive app does have permissions granted in O365. Regarding browser cache, I am getting the error in Windows Explorer – I’m not using browser access.

That said, I think I’ve found the root of the problem.

I have multiple Microsoft accounts. When I’ve been asked to “authorize odrive” for OD4B, I’ve been clicking on the login that matches my odrive account (the first option below):

The O365 account is the second account shown above. When prompted to “authorize odrive” for OD4B, when I finally clicked on the Office 365 Microsoft account (nurevenue above), everything seems to have resolved itself.


So the lesson for others on OD4B is: when asked to “authorize odrive”, if you have multiple accounts running, make sure you select the account that is associated with OD4B.

I guess this really looks rather obvious now :slight_smile:

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I can actually totally see where this gets confusing. I have oft been confused by MS’s multiple login screens and I’ve sometimes even found that selecting the proper account doesn’t actually take hold. I’ve ended up needing to log out of every MS account to get things logged in properly.

Thanks for the update and persisting through this. I will mark your answer as the solution, but let us know if things get funky again.

Sounds good, thanks Tony