Autdownload limit based on number of files in directory

It would be great to be able to set an upper limit for the number of files in a given directory at a depth of 0 which will sync. File size limits are great and cover 99% of reasonable use cases, but with cloud services that have a limit on frequency of pinging the server, it is a bummer to have syncing freeze for a period of time.

I imagine it is very rare for people to want to sync a directory with 100,000 files in it.

Use case, if you are curious:
I am abusing a program to do something far more times than it was written to do. I don’t want to dive into the source code and reengineer it, but neither do I want to deal with the overhead of syncing the roughly 70,000 8kb output files.
As it stands, I do everything in a folder outside of odrive’s jurisdiction. When I need to transfer computers, I zip it up, toss it where it belongs, let the zip file sync, move it outside of odrive, and expand it. Not a major issue except for the overhead of moving it in and out of the place it should be organizationally. On the other hand, it seems like it would likely be fairly easy to implement.

Hi @jturin87,
So I am clear, you would like a feature that excludes directories that contain over a certain number of files from auto downloading, even if they fall into the current auto download size threshold?


If (ls | wc -l) > 20000
don’t sync


You can achieve this, although it requires a manual step to set, with folder sync rules. For the folder structures that you do not want to ever autodownload, you can use these rules to dictate exactly how you want that folder structure to behave. In this case you would set it to not download anything.

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If I understand you correctly the folder sync configuration applies only to downloads, is that right? Controlling the downloads is only half the battle. I would also like to avoid uploading the large number of small files.

I understand this might be a rare enough issue that it is not worth addressing, but let me try to communicate clearly what the problem is:

When working on a project, the location of a file in the directory tree is the primary way of keep track of what that file is. Consider the directory:

'…/odrive/Google Drive/client docs/johnsonJohnson/pharmaceuticals/meetingRecord_Audacity/[folder with shitload of generically named small files I don’t want to upload]

In order to avoid uploading 100,000 files, I could move the directory to ~/Desktop. Once I have done that though, in order to remember what these particular files are, I have to create a readme file or something of the sort. Additionally, it makes it hard to find the [shitload of small files] associated with the meeting I had with the pharmaceutical arm of J&J, since it isn’t in its organizationally logical location.

An ideal solution would be to label the folder to be treated as though it is not in odrive.