Are there issues with syncing on a new, replacement drive?

I lost my local, previously synced drive. Will syncing my Amazon Drive to a new local drive delete the files saved on the cloud?

Hi @rossishikawa,
Is this considered a new setup, with a new odrive installation, or is it an existing odrive install (and cache), with a replacement drive that has no content on it?

Are you using a “sync to odrive” folder, or are you syncing to Amazon using only the default (main) odrive folder?

If this is a new install of odrive, with a fresh cache then you do not have to worry about any deleting. Data in the default odrive folder will be represented as all placeholder files, initially, just as if you had installed odrive on a new system.

For “sync to odrive” folders, the same principle applies. A new “sync to odrive” folder will merge with its remote counterpart and the result will be a combination of what is local and remote. If you have nothing local then you will see all of the remote data, and it will all be shown as placeholders.

If you are using an existing odrive install and cache, odrive has already recorded the local data and “knows” about it. If that local data suddenly disappears (a bad drive is replaced with a new drive, but has the same folder odrive was using before), odrive will think you have deleted the local data and will want to sync that with the cloud. odrive does have a safeguard, though, and will hold all local deletes in the odrive trash until the user explicitly empties it (or has enabled auto-trash): This way you are still protected in case this scenario happens.