Anyway to filter bad filenames and paths?

I have several directories where the path names are too long or have apparently incompatible characters that it apparently gets stuck transferring, is there any simple fix for these?

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Hi @kenwshmt,
You will need to adjust the names to make them compatible in order to proper sync them.

These are uploads? Which service are you uploading to? Are you seeing the files show up in “not allowed”?


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amazon… i have persistant ‘waiting’ which are apparently too long to upload.

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Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu? I can take a look and see if we are not handling this case properly.

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I have one adaptation.
A program called second copy. it can move files by filtering the extension. I have it set to ignore .cloud and .cloudf and anything newer than a month. the problem files are being moved to another place not in the odrive where i can deal with them.

Interesting. I assume you have auto-unsync on and set for 30 days?

no, i have it set for a day, but i dont want any mistakes.

Now that ive done it, my waiting list is empty.
I need to let it back up everything else before i deal with these.

it wound up removing about 60 gig, but there was still 400 gig to upload. that cleared up in a day.

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Appreciate the update. I’m glad you were able to get things moving.