Any way to see the transfer speed?

Is there a way to display the current transfer speed? I’m uploading a very large amount of data and would like to estimate its completion time. Using the OS X client.

We don’t display current speed for transfers. Since you are on OS X, you can get a good idea of speed by using nettop, if you wish.

Open up terminal and type:
echo c d | nettop -m tcp -n

Look at the odriveapp process

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Being able to see what is the speed transfer per file (up or down) seems a pretty reasonable request, just to evaluate how long an upload will take, if there isn’t any problem etc.

It would be very nice to have it !

Thx !

Hi @extremraym,
We don’t currently have plans to provide transfer speed in the UI, but I have passed your request to the product team.

Many thanks. I have to admit that not being able to see how many time there is left is a bit of a deal breaker when you have very big file to transfer (more than 1 GB), so thx for your support.