Any new methods to control threading/parallelism?

I recently moved away from my old 2013 Mac Pro to a AMD ThreadRipper 3960X which is capable of serving 48 threads for tasks simultaneously. When I select a directory for sync, it will still only do 3-4 files at a time. I am wondering if there are any settings introduced in the windows version of the client I may have missed that would let me control this? The B2 python CLI has a threads option which is nice but I don’t have everything in B2. I’ve read the script for-loops in older threads and I am just checking to see if a better way to accomplish parallelism since those original threads were written around 2017.

Many thanks!

Hi @toupeiro,

We have added some advanced features that can be used to fine tune these types of things.

Take a look at this post: Recommended "premium_conf.txt" settings for gigabit connection?

And our documentation here: