Any concerns enabling Mac FileVault and using odrive to sync between Macs?

I have 2 Macs, both running odrive (Amazon Cloud Drive).

If I have FileVault enabled on one but not the other, would that be a concern?

If I have FileVault enabled on both (or say I only have 1 Mac and have FileVault enabled on it), would that make my files in the cloud encrypted (not really what I want so that I can access them from the Amazon Cloud Drive app – unless you have a suggestion here too)?

Thank you.

Hi @cliffordmpaulick,
I don’t have much experience with FileVault, personally, unfortunately. From what I understand, though, the encryption is done at a lower level, so the files are exposed to applications unencrypted when you are logged in on your system. This means odrive would see the files as unencrypted and upload them unencrypted (unless you were using odrive’s encryption feature, of course).