Any chance to add cubby to the fold?

Hi folks, is there a plan to add cubby to the odrive family?

Hi @nguyenalext,

You’re the first to request it. I’ve noticed that they don’t have their own API, but they do support WebDAV:

So you could try to link to your Cubby storage via our WebDAV link. Use as the server location and your Cubby username and password in our link WebDAV dialog…

Note that Cubby has their own limitations in their support of WebDAV. See the help page link I posted at the very top to make sure those limitations are clear.

Let us know how it goes!


That’s a great idea, haha. Dunno why I didn’t think of it.
Sadly: Unable to sync Cubby WebDAV.cloudf. Unexpected error. Please try again later.

(Is there a detail log? I don’t mind digging into it.)

If not no big deal, just thought I’d try. I reached out to them also.

@nguyenalext by the way, I tried signing up for a Cubby account and connecting to it. I think you need to rename your cubby (by default your first one is called My Cubby) to something without a space in it, e.g. let’s say “test”.

Then when you try to connect to it, you use the url: (or whatever you named your cubby).

This let me connect, but there are still problems. The trouble with WebDAV is that there are different ways that people support/implement it… so now I can connect, but I can’t sync down files. When someone in engineering can take a look at it, hopefully they will be able to make it better. In the meantime, I know we’re on the right track since I can use a WebDAV client like Cyberduck to connect to it in this way after having renamed the Cubby). So hopefully we wouldn’t be too far away from being able to get it to work.

awesome, thx for the response!