Another bug, syncing files 6+ months old

So, this is a screenshot of odrive syncing files that have been already sync’d via odrive for almost a year now.

This seemed to occur when Lightroom created a bunch of XMP side card files for every single photo I have.

Hi @christianorpinell,
Is it possible that the files were touched or modified in some small way? odrive will detect changes to the file and upload if a change is detected. Otherwise it will just leave the files as they are.

Is this on a local drive? Can you tell me what format the drive is in (NTFS, FAT32, etc…)?

No changes should have been done to it, and I don’t know of any alterations to the files.

The format of the drive is NTFS.

Hi @christianorpinell,
Thanks. Hard to say what happened here. The accounting we do is pretty straight forward, so odrive must’ve picked up a change somewhere. If structures or files were moved around, it is also possible to trigger this, but it doesn’t sounds like that occurred.