Annoying flashing menu bar icon on Mac

Having your icon start flashing from static gray to animated pink every 3 seconds in my menu bar is incredibly annoying. No other application I have ever seen is that bad. Please make it stop!

Hi David,
Noted. You should only see the tray icon change is changes are made to odrive. It should remain grey when idle. Are you not seeing that, or are you speaking to when you are actively working within odrive?

Regardless, if it is really bothering you, we have a more subdued animation that you could use in place of the pink color animation. You can switch it by running this command in a terminal session and then restarting odrive:

o_ver=$(ls -1 "$HOME/.odrive/bin/" | tail -n 1);respath="$HOME/.odrive/bin/$o_ver/";mkdir "$respath/infinity-png-bak"; mv "$respath/"infinity-{1..16}.png "$respath/infinity-png-bak/";for file in "$respath/"infinity-black-backup-*.png; do cp -a "$file" "$(echo $file | sed 's/-black-backup//')";done;

You can switch back to default with this command:

o_ver=$(ls -1 "$HOME/.odrive/bin/" | tail -n 1);respath="$HOME/.odrive/bin/$o_ver/";cp "$respath/infinity-png-bak/"* "$respath/";rm -r "$respath/infinity-png-bak"


I too find the constant blinking distractive, even annoying. When running your command, I get no such file or directory found. So, I manually created a new folder and moved the pink & white Infinity icons inside this folder. Restarted the app and the incessant blinking is invisible. But, because I use a dark menu bar, the app icon is there but not visible.

Maybe ODrive could consider a less distinctive icon… a simple ‘recycle’ type icon similar to Dropbox or OneDrive?

Hi @skineedog,
I modified the scripts above to account for path changes since I had last written them. They should work now. It should also no be invisible with the dark menu bar.