Amazon Upload Failure 2


I’m having trouble uploading to Amazon.

I keep getting this error: Error: code CD_NETWORK_DOWN caused by CloudDriveNetworkException(code CD_NETWORK_DOWN -
[Errno 10054] Foi forado o cancelamento de uma conexo existente pelo host remoto caused by ConnectionError([Errno 10054] Foi forado o cancelamento de uma conexo existente pelo host remoto))

Already tried:

  • Restart oDrive.
  • Restart the computer.
  • Restart the internet.
  • I checked the proxy (it’s empty as expected).
  • I have already uninstalled oDrive and reinstalled.

I put the following test settings:

  • maxConcurrentDownloads: 1
  • maxConcurrentJobs: 1
  • maxConcurrentUploads:1

My internet is stable, but it is via satellite (is that the problem?).

Any help is appreciate.current_odrive_status.txt (124.8 KB)

Hi @redonda,
Are these large files that are having the issue?

Can you please send a diagnostic from the odrive tray menu?

Sorry, @Tony! I forgot to attach the log file (now I attached it).
The problem file is small (NEIDE _CONTROLE NAVEGA.xlsx has 2,6mB ).
In fact everyone I’ve tried is having trouble since today.current_odrive_status.txt (124.8 KB)

Hi @redonda,
So this problem just started happening today?

The error message indicates a network connection break. The connections to Amazon are direct, so if it just started today it may indicate that Amazon is having issues with the servers you are connecting to.

I’m not seeing any issues on my own accounts, but I may be hitting different Amazon servers than you.

Are you able to upload via the odrive web client (
What about the Amazon Drive web client?

Are downloads still working?