Amazon S3 access to bucket list

How can I connect drive to my S3 account at the bucket list - I have dozens of buckets and would hate to have to create entries for ever one.



You have to connect each bucket because each bucket needs a key. I can see how that would be a big pain when you have many many buckets.

This would be a good future enhancement. I will add it to the list.

Thank you.


Thanks but that seem odd. All of the other tools like Transmit, Expandrive, etc. connect at the root. Would you mind looking into this further? Thanks.

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Any news on this, I’ve just returned to review odrive and note that it’s still not able to list buckets. Thanks.

Hey @michael1,
Nice to see you back here!

This hasn’t been requested much, so its never made it to the top of the list, but I can understand the convenience of it. It may be possible to have an option for this while linking (a checkbox) so that we can test the list buckets permission for the key and then utilize a virtual structure that will enumerate the buckets.

In your case are you using a single key with access to all of the buckets?

I also have a few buckets and didn’t find it convenient to add them one-by-one. I don’t use S3 too extensively but I do know that I’d not want to use my Administrator user keys to share with 3rd party so I always create a new IAM user and keys to be able to revoke access any time. Such educational encouragements should be provided with this feature and accessing every bucket would be more convenient.

Is there a thread where you discuss “showing S3 object states, like glacier” so that users would know which objects are immediately accessible through Odrive and which not?

Hi @vad.viktor,
Thanks for the feedback!

We don’t currently represent any differences within the objects in a given bucket, once it is setup, but I have passed this suggestion on to the product team.

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