Amazon Photo: Create album automatically with folder structure

I am a new odrive user, looking to create a workflow from Lightroom to Amazon Photo. I have set up Lightroom publishing to my odrive folder. As advertised, the published photos are synced to my Amazon Photo account. However, Lightroom creates a unique folder for each photo set, and I would like that folder to be converted into an Album on Amazon Photo automatically on sync. Currently I have to go to Amazon Photo after sync and manually re-create the album. Is there a way to automatically create an album based on the folder the original photos reside?

Hi @mikeforan3,
I took a look and I cannot find an API from Amazon that provides this functionality, so it doesn’t look like there is a way to do it from our end.

If an API is eventually introduced, we would need to then look at the viability of adding something like this into the sync flow.