Amazon photo, bi-directional synchronization, any chances?

If a local picture is changed (deleted), upload (delete) it to Amazon photo. If a remote (in Amazon photo) picture changed (deleted), download (delete) it locally.

Is this possible?

Hi @huangda1982,
You can currently perform bi-directional sync to Amazon Drive, but they are removing this functionality at the end of the month (December 31st, 2023), unfortunately. Amazon does not provide an API for Amazon Photos.

Here is Amazon’s information about Amazon Drive Deprecation: FAQ: Deprecation of Amazon Drive

Thank you for the reply.
Any plan to implement it though reverse engineering?

Hi @huangda1982,
We don’t have any plans to do so. Amazon has made it clear that they do not want to support 3rd party integrations, at this time, which really limits our options. If they release an Amazon Photos API then we will certainly look into adding that integration.

So it seems like, ion 6th Jan 2024 I’m still be able to sync my photo via Odrive to Google Photos, Though I can not upload photos via Amazon Cloud Drive, does it mean Odrive is future proof now? Please let us know so we can continue using Odrive for Amazon Photos.