Amazon Drive Issues *RESOLVED* (Updated 2021-05-13 8:00 am PST)

Update 2021-05-13 8:00 am PST
Amazon Drive looks to be fully functional!

Update 2021-05-12 8:00 pm PST
Good: Amazon Drive appears to be back up! Listing of folders is working again, including listing uploads that were previously not being listed (see behavior in initial post below). Downloads are working too.

Bad: Uploads are still being blocked with 429 - "Rate exceeded" responses, so it looks like they are still working some things out, but at least existing data is accessible.

Update 2021-05-12 6:30 am PST
Amazon Drive is still down, unfortunately. They continue to return 429 - "Rate exceeded" for all requests, including requests made within their own web client. Amazon is aware of the issue and reportedly working on it.

Update 2021-05-11 9:45 am PST
Currently Amazon Drive is returning 429 rate limit errors for all calls. This is also happening in their web client, so it appears to be a global issue. This is also affecting the ability to login with Amazon (also returning a 429 response). It may be a sign that they are attempting to address the issue noted below.

2021-05-11 6:00 am PST
Amazon Drive is currently exhibiting very strange behavior where they are not returning new objects in their folder listings.

This behavior can be reproduced from the Amazon Drive web client at, which indicates that this is a general problem they are having, and not specific to odrive.

Observed behavior:

  • Creating a new folder or uploading a new file will complete with success
  • The new folder/file will not be listed in the parent folder after a refresh
  • Trying to add the same file or folder again will result in a conflict detection. This indicates that the object is actually there, but Amazon is not listing it for some reason.
  • All other operations, including updates to existing files, seem to be working as expected.
  • All items created prior to about 12:30am PST 2021-05-11 are also being listed correctly.

Impact to odrive users syncing to Amazon Drive:

  • Because Amazon is not listing new items, the next time odrive looks at the folder after a new file upload or new folder create, it will see that those items are “missing”.
  • odrive will interpret these missing items as remote deletes and move them to the Windows Recycle Bin or the MacOS Trash.
  • If the file or folder is moved back from the Windows Recycle Bin or MacOS Trash Amazon will reject the adds as conflicts and these items will be listed in “not allowed” in the odrive tray menu.

We have already reached out to Amazon about this, but I would suggest that any users affected by this behavior (which is likely all Amazon Drive users) also reach out to Amazon. For simplicity I recommend describing the issue as it exists in their own Amazon Drive web client (, so that it is easy for them to verify, in-house, and there isn’t any confusion about odrive’s involvement.

My hope is that this is a correctable glitch and Amazon can restore the listing of new objects, since the objects seem to still exist, despite not being listed.

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