Amazon download latency


I have a situation about the downloading files from Amazon because It’s ultimately slow and has been continuing since a week ago. I need to identify where the problem is on (Amazon itself, my ISP, router or my PC… etc). Could I have any help? I have a subscription for odrive.

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Hi @utv,
We haven’t changed anything with regards to Amazon Drive downloads in quite a while. Can you describe the issue and your setup?
What speeds are you seeing and what were they before?
How much data have you downloaded, so far, and how much do you have left?

I’ve always found Amazon Drive’s download to be a bit slow, compared to some other providers.

Hi Tony,

I found the issue on my fibre optic modem provided by ISP. I’m sorry for bothering you.

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Thanks for the update @utv! I’m glad to hear you got it sorted out.

Can you share what the issue was? It may be something that others hit in the future.

Hi Tony,

It was just malfunction of fibre optic modem hardware itself. Not any matter of softwares include odrive.

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