Amazon Cloud Syncing through Network?

CNET announced today that Amazon Cloud will allow syncing again. I can’t find that anywhere on Amazon’s page, as to what or when this will happen.

Until then though, I wanted to know if I can sync my files across a network?

Do I have to have them in the documents section of my Windows?

I have 1.2 TB of years of files that I want to keep, but if I move their main folder to the documents folder, I lose links to so many other pages, that it would be a real difficulty.

So, can I manage OODrive through Amazon, across a network and not use the Documents folder?


Care to share a link to that article?

Was not Cnet, sorry,

Surprisingly content free :-). This is not a new article. The original appears to be from at least April 3, 2013 or prior, and references a Sync product which Amazon has since withdrawn. Stick with odrive.

I am trying to work with Odrive.

That article, had a February 2016 date on it. I just shared what I found. I’m not sure when it was written.

But again, can I sync a network drive? or do I have to place all of my synced files into the documents folder?


As @dougblair said, it looks like the article is referencing an older French article from April 2013:
“Original document published on

To answer your question about odrive:
You can liken the basic odrive interaction to other sync clients, in that there is a designated folder where all of the files will be visible. If you want new files to be pushed to ACD or Dropbox, you would drop them into the appropriate folder (odrive\Amazon Cloud Drive and odrive\Dropbox , respectively). You can edit files, in-line. Any case where new content is detected, it will be pushed up automatically.

Where odrive is vastly different is in its ability to sync exactly what you need, without downloading anything that you don’t, using “progressive sync”. Of course, if also allows you to link in all of your storage.

If you want to keep a local folder that is located outside of the main odrive folder in sync with cloud storage, you will need Pro Sync. This would be the case if you want to “map” your content from your network drive into cloud storage, without moving or copying it. A sync relationship will be created between the network folder(s) and a target location in Amazon Cloud Drive, for example. Then odrive will keep this in sync, just like it does within the main odrive folder, with all of the advantages of the odrive sync engine.

You can get more info on Pro Sync (now called “sync to odrive”) here: