Amazon Cloud Drive - Modified Dates Not Preserved

In the past, files transferred to Amazon Cloud Drive via Odrive desktop client would retain the modified dates for each files when syncing between machines. Now, the dates are no longer preserved by Odrive.

I will copy a file to an ACD folder using the Odrive client. When I unsync, the modified date of the placeholder file changes to today’s date and time. When I sync the file back down, it changes again to the current date and time when the sync completes.

I am using Windows 10 (1607), and I am using the latest version of the desktop client. Please help.

One amendment. If I restart my computer or exit and relaunch the Odrive client, then try to unsync a file, it will change it’s modified date to the current date and time. When I sync it down, it retains the same modified date and time as the unsync.

Now, if I unsync that file again, the date doesn’t change. I can unsync and resync the same file over and over, and nothing changes.

However, once I restart my computer or relaunch the client again, the first unsync will change it’s date again. This is consistent.

Hi @yuusharo,
I’ve been trying to reproduce this, but I’ve been unable to so far. I am wonder if I may be missing something in my test.

Here is a very basic test:

It sounds like you are seeing different results with the same type of test, correct?