Amazon Cloud Drive - Instability while Downloading


I’m doing several tests at the moment with up- and downloading. Upload of bigger files (> 8 GB) is nearly impossible. I startet using split files with 1GB files and that works like a charm. Anyway, when I download a file that is eg. 20 GB, splitted into 20 files I always at some point the get the message, that there is a problem with the download on amazons side. O-Drive then stops downloading. Apparently, the downloaded 1 GB parts are not stored/cached locally as well.

Feature Request:

  • Resuming of downloads if technically possible with Amazon Cloud Drive
  • at least automatic resuming/restarting/retrying of the download and reusing already downloaded parts of the download

I know Odrive is not responsible for Amazons stability but I think this are basic functions that should be implemented.


BTW… this is the typical message… Can’t sync Amazon Cloud Drive internal server error.

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Hi @roger2,
Thanks for reaching out.

IFS downloads will be getting an overhaul in the next major release, so this behavior will be much improved and allow resuming of interrupted downloads.

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Thank you Tony
Is there a approximate Date? I work with video files from customers and I have to somehow backup them. Amazon Cloud comes to mind. Depending of the release date I will have to buy additional disks for my NAS :slight_smile:

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Hi @roger2,
Current estimates put release several weeks out, but we are working as hard as possible to get it out.


I am still having this issue as well. It uploads just fine to Amazon Cloud Drive. But when I try to download files that I have put up there before, it fails with internal server error or some sort of mismatch error. I am on the current (6207). The message seems to stop the operation of downloading, If I have a whole set or folder selected to Sync (download), it just stops with the error message displayed.

I expect it to keep trying and not abort the download so I can leave it running, overnight if needed. I am on the fence as ACD and oDrive being a backup solution if I can’t get the files back if I need them.

Same here. I would like to have an automatic retry function. Strangely when a download files from the Amazon website directly I usually don’t have many problems. For that reason I stopped using Split files since there is no way to fuse tgem together manually without the odrive client. Or is there?

The file splitting we use is an open format. There are sample scripts available in this blog post for reassembling files outside of odrive:

Does it work if the files are also encrypted? Can they be combined and decrypted separately? What oDrive should do is download the parts and keep them and retry the missing ones until all the parts are downloaded.
The message I got this morning after letting it sync overnight is:
The file could not be decrypted. The file’s integrity hash does not match. It may have been modified after it was encrypted.
And the download is stopped even though i selected to sync a folder.

Would having auto unsync effect this? I turned it off, will see if I get the error again. Does it make any difference when downloading? Or will it try to sync it back again right away?

Hi @wynne.tom,
There are ways to both decrypt and assemble ifs files (separately) outside of odrive. See here for information on encryption: Decrypting Data without odrive?

To highlight what I said above, we will be offering a much improved experience in this area with the next release.

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Auto unsync should not be affecting this, as the files are not visible to the scanning part of the odrive engine, nor are they considered “synced”. It is more likely the exceptions coming from Amazon and our current deficiency in handling them robustly enough.

How large are the files you are trying to download?

They are multi-gigabyte files. I am anxiously awaiting the next release if this will be more stable. I can see that these cloud providers make it easy to upload but downloading is secondary, I wouldn’t doubt if they want to try and up-sell if you want your data back.