Amazon Cloud Drive connection from odrive 1

Hi there! I’ve received notifications from Amazon Drive that, in general, third-party API access is being disabled for a few services I had connected to it. Can you verify that the odrive 1 client will continue to work with Amazon Drive going forward?


Hi @nabeards,
We have not received any notifications from Amazon that the odrive client would be excluded from using the Amazon Drive API.

Did you receive any concerning odrive, or were these for other 3rd party apps? Could you message me an example of what you received?

Messaged you one of the messages I received. Let me know if there’s anything else I can share!

Thanks @nabeards!

We still have full API access, but is is disconcerting that they are kicking other 3rd parties off of their API. I am investigating further to see if I can find any information on it. Unfortunately Amazon has been increasingly harder to get in touch with.

In light of this move, I am wondering if we should start recommending that odrive users that use Amazon to login should switch to another provider for login, as a precautionary measure.

Again, we’ve received no notices from Amazon about API restrictions and we haven’t seen any reports of users being informed that odrive access to the APIs would be removed. Hopefully it will stay that way.