Amazon Broken images

I recently moved my odrive folder to a different hard drive. After I did that all my images are not displaying on amazon, it is showing as broken images. I’ve created a new folder and put a test image in there and it does the same thing. It appears to be syncing, but the images are not displaying. Images uploaded via other devices are displaying fine.

I’m on the latest version of odrive (I was on an older version when I did the move).

Any suggestions? Thanks.

Hi @rblack,
Can you take a screenshot of what you are seeing and post here, so I can be sure I am clear on what you are seeing? Is this when looking at the Amazon Drive web client? What about the odrive web client?

I renamed my odrive folder and created a new one. The images came back on amazon but now my o drive files are all showing as .cloud files. Is there a way to copy over my local files and they will merge or do I need to download them?


Hi @rblack,
Thanks for the update.

Take a look at this post for some details on moving your data over: