Amazing support experience with odrive

I just wanted to share an experience that I had with odrive support. This past week, I restored the computer that my spouse was using that was configured to sync using odrive with her company’s Box. The following day, her colleagues reported that there were folders missing files and when we investigated, we discovered that there were hundreds of these empty folders. Queue full on panic. We spent 5 anxious days going back-and-forth with Box support with no resolution and received an update today that they couldn’t help as the issue appeared to be related to a 3rd party app (odrive) and to contact them.

I contacted odrive shortly after receiving that message expecting to spend another anxious night awaiting a response and having to spend time bouncing between Box and odrive support over the next few days but I was wrong! The support I received from odrive was amazing:

  1. a ticket was created and I received a reply within 30-minutes of my E-Mail, by which time odrive support had escalated the issue prior to their reply;
  2. after providing debugging information that was requested, odrive support was able to identify what happened and we were able to confirm that no data had been lost; and
  3. odrive support was able to accomplish in 2-hours what Box support attempted over 5-days and gave up on with exactly the same debug information.

The issue turned out to be an oversight on our part while debugging the reports of missing files and relying on user reports of missing data. I suspect it would’ve happened using any sync client including Box Drive. It really threw us for a loop but we’re so happy that we now understand exactly what happened and how to identify if this issue happens again in the future.

Thanks odrive!