Always Download Folders in Mac


I am trying odrive for the first time in my Mac and I have the following questions:

  1. I thought the free version will allow to auto download all the folders and subfolders automatically (always), however I needed to activate the trial in order to use this option, otherwise the Never Download (current) will be the only option I can select in the Auto Download Limit. Can please clarify if this is a free or paid feature?

  2. After activating the trial I was able to change to the Always Download option, but this won’t get all the folders and subfolders appear automatically in the odrive folder. Seems I need to click on each .cloudf file in order to open the folders.

  3. When I click on each .cloudf folder, there is a problem with the current selected window. A new window from my computer is opened, and I need to switch again to the Finder app in order to continue navigating through the folders. This doesn’t make too much sense. Is there any way to fix this issue?


We have a new feature dropping soon that will designate a folder as “sticky” and new folders will automatically expand when they are seen. This would allow the “always download folders” behavior you are looking for.

As for cloudf expansion in a new window, this is not expected. The intended and “as tested” behavior is to expand the folder in-line. I may not be understanding what you are seeing, though. What is the “new window” you are talking about? Can you tell me what version of OS X you are running?