Allow us to set empty trash rules for each cloud provider

Currently when we set auto empty trash rules it is a global setting and I believe it affects all cloud providers equally. It would be nice if we can set different rules for different providers.

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This points at what I see as a fundamental disconnect with odrive. Is it targeted at consumers, sole-prop businesses, or SMB? Each has different needs and requirements.

From a small business perspective, having team members load outdated versions of files is often fatal. The trash needs to be emptied ASAP for these shares. A single user, however, may use odrive as a poor man’s backup method. In that case, the trash provides protection from accidental deletions.

Good observation Ethan.

odrive’s goal is to change the way we store and manage files. We want to enable a complete transition to cloud storage for everything.

We recognize requirements for cloud storage are different in different markets. We deliberately chose to create a brand that will stand for cloud storage in every market. We know it is very aggressive and risky, but it’s the only way to make a transformative product.

Our very first release (almost 1.5 years ago) targeted the consumer market. We believe everyone is a consumer first, and a consumer-level UX for file access (universal progressive sync) is the critical foundation for changing how we use remote storage.

We invested in the sync UX until we achieved our target (1.5 years plus four years before the initial release); then we began building on the core sync UX to extend the value proposition beyond the consumer market.

We released the initial features for the prosumer market three months ago (end of January). The offering has rapidly evolved to the feature-rich premium subscription package available today. As we accelerate feature delivery and enter the business and enterprise market, we will create different/appropriate functionality for those markets, AND maintain the usability of the core consumer UX.

It’s only been three months since we started building features. We are in this for the long haul, and there are many many many things still to come. Stay with us and keep talking to us. We will build odrive into a game changer for all of us.



Good explanation Peter. I am in the consumer market so the needs of the enterprise does not affect me but I think it’s admirable you guys are trying to reach out to different sectors. My own experience with odrive has been transformative and I think it has the potential of being a game changer for the cloud sync market. I would like to see more articles and reviews by the major tech blogs covering what odrive has accomplished in so little time. Given the volatility of tech startups, I hope odrive continues its success because I would hate to have to go back to using the sync tools developed by Dropbox, Google Drive and whoever else is in the cloud storage market.