All of my shared links just went dead and post an error now

I get this across all my shared links - this is really bad. I have an entire team using these shared links and now its all down.

please, little help… A.S.A.P.

Thank You

Hi @conor,
What storage source are these links against?
Did you happen to rename or move the folder(s)?
Are you able to create new shared links against the folder(s)?

I am experiencing the same issue. No files have moved. Created new links, and they do not work.

  • gdrive / gsuite
  • Nothing was moved or touched
  • I am able to make new links though they post the same error

My team is reporting they cannot upload to shared spaces I created. This sounds like a problem on google drive side, though I have no tools to suss that out.

I am investigating now. It appears to be Google-specific problem, but I don’t know the root cause yet.

Yes, Google drive seems to be the culprit. None of my Drive accounts are working

Thank you, Tony, for being on top of this!

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I can confirm. It looks like a general Google Drive outage. No official word from them yet, but I expect there will be soon.

I am updating status here:

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Google reports that this is resolved now. Can the folks here confirm?

it is all chugging along again. Thank you for your fast response!!

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