Agent not auto-updating

We’ve been testing ODrive for a few months now. I’ve seen several forum topics with new desktop clients being released. Checking my own PC and some others it seems like ours are not updating and seem to stay on the version that they were originally installed with. My own desktop says “prod 7032”.

What would be the troubleshooting steps to diagnose this? Is there a log I can look through?

Hi @Brett_B ,
Apologies for the confusion on this.

We have an auto-update mechanism, but we have been pushing out much less frequently since the existing update version has proven to be very stable and reliable. We are ultra cautious about pushing out automatic updates to hundreds of thousands of users without a very compelling reason to do so.

We always announce our public releases with release notes in this category: Release Notes - odrive Forum which you can subscribe to to receive notifications whenever a new version is made available.

For our business-level customers, we also have several alternate installers available, including an .msi that can help facilitate ease of IT-driven deployment within organizations.