Agent/CLI mounting


Thank you for this how to.
I did the 6 steps and everything is working fine :slight_smile:

I do have a question about how to mount an existing folder.
Basically, you do the 6 steps, the computer restart.
So you have your odrive folder and some files not sync yet.

How to restart from there?

Thanks in advance
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Hi @srodriguez,
Are you wanting to mount an additional folder in the agent? You can do so by using the mount command and targeting a local folder. You will need a Premium subscription to have more than one mount, however.

Hi @Tony,

I have premium account, but no I don’t want to add a new folder.
I just want to restart the odrive agent and to to resume the sync.

I thought the explanation was clear enough…:frowning:
Let me try again, after a PC reboot, the odrive agent is down.
When you restart it, there is no folder mounted.
So if you mount with the mount command an existing odrive folder and start a sync it will not work, it will not restart from where you were.

So each time, I delete the previous odrive mount folder, create a new one, do a mount, sync, then copy the files to the new folder and restart the sync…

My question: is there a way to restart from a previous mounted odrive folder ?
Or each time, you have to start from scratch?

thanks in advance
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Hi @srodriguez,
Once a mount is created is should be saved in the local odrive config so that it is available the next time (and every time after) the agent is started. All you should have to do is start the agent and it will sync the mount you had previously setup.

Can you tell me what operating system you are running?
Is it possible in your OS configuration that the local files that odrive creates are being removed on reboot?

Hi @Tony,

Thank you for the clarification.
During my test the odrive was under a docker container.
Each time I was restarting the container, I was not able to sync again because the folder was not in the odrive folder, and as the folder was already there, I was also not able to remount it.

I will do more testing to stop/start container and I will check if by just starting the agent again, everything is working.

So far, you can close this one. And thank you for your excellent support.

Kind regards

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I am on Linux. I have installed Odrive and still learning my way around it.

  1. How can I mount drives from Google Drive (These appear under the ‘Computers’ tab on Google drive)?

  2. Can I create a new file in the local mount folder and expect it to be pushed to Google Drive?


Hi @mail.arvind85,

  1. For the Computers tab, take a look at this post:
  1. Yes, odrive will automatically upload files that are created or updated locally in an odrive folder. It will periodically scan for new files, but you can force odrive to look in a location by using the refresh command.

Thank you for your response!

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