Adding and syncing ad additional local computer in a slow speed connection line

I have two computers. One (laptop) is at home and one (desktop) is at the office. The office is just 1 mile away from home. The best connection that I can get at the office is just 2Mbps.

I have an odrive directory tree (about 8 levels) in my laptop (Encryptor\ … … … )
That tree includes about 60Gb of data in about 120,000 files and 4,000 folders

I need to replicate the same tree from my laptop to my desktop and sync the two computers

Due to the slow speed at my office, I was thinking of replicating the directory tree manually just by going to the office with my laptop and copy all the files through the local network

Question: what happens next? My cloud storage is Google TeamDrive
Will odrive understand that the files and folders are identical and only sort out the database or will there be conflicts, unnecessary uploads, deletions and downloads?

I won’t be using placeholders, I need all the actual data in sync


Hi @galfra2,
You can do this with non-Encryptor data. When you are using Encryptor, however, the data you copy over will end up being re-uploaded.

This will happen because the files will all be given new encryption keys, due to the zero-knowledge encryption scheme.

Unfortunately, the most efficient way to populate a another computer with Encryptor files is to download the files from the remote storage.