Add two factor authentication (2FA)

Please add 2FA to ODrive for better security.


Yes, I agree. I don’t feel so secure knowing all of my cloud services can potentially be exposed and compromised. The majority of cloud services now offer 2FA and I’ve had some accounts where people have attempted to get into them but because I had the 2FA they weren’t able to.

This is a must have feature when you are dealing with people’s data and should be added IMMEDIATELY!!!

This is a valid request, and we agree that it would be nice to institute an additional layer of security on top of the existing Oauth integrations.

I do want to clarify, though, that you can currently use two factor auth for odrive with the existing authentication integrations. Since odrive does not have odrive-specific credentials, users need to use an existing auth service for sign-up/login. If you enable 2FA on the account you are using to login to your odrive account, you are effectively setting up 2FA for odrive logins.

For example, I use Google as my odrive OAuth provider. I have 2FA setup on my Google account. If a malicious user tries to login to my odrive account, they will need to pass through my Google authentication, including 2FA, before gaining access.


Please, support for two factor authentication. I have this option activated in all my accounts.