Add option to manually unsync

I am mostly using oDrive for offline backup to ACD. I would like an option to manually unsync all synced files so that I can free up space on the drive in order to copy more files to be backed up. I don’t want to have to wait for 1 day before it automatically does it and manually unsync files is tedious.

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Hi @wynne.tom,
Is your goal to unsync the files, but leave all of the folders expanded and exposed, so you can see the whole structure? If so, you can unsync from the top-level folder, which will collapse everything, then expand all of the folders using right-click->sync with these settings:

  1. Download slider all the way to the left for “Nothing”
  2. Check “Include Subfolders”
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Yes, I want to keep the folder structure but keep the files in the cloud. However, the files are still syncing so I can’t click sync until they are all done. I want to sort of queue the files up once others have finished uploading and the only way i can do this is to manually unsync the ones that have finished to free up space on the local hard drive so i can copy more to be uploaded.

It could have additional options such as Auto Unsync/Immediate or 1 Hour.

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I will pass on the suggestion to the product team.

If you are feeling a little adventurous, there is a blog I wrote up on the CLI that includes unsync scripts that you could use/adapt to do unsync only the files in the structure:

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