Add new personal storage provider MAIL.RU

Please, add new personal storage provider :slightly_smiling:

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Thanks for the suggestion. There are no plans to integration with, but I have passed the request on the the product team.

you have cloud support already I believe, and is far more popular than and their cloud gave out 1TB of free space in the past, now it’s 100GB if i’m not mistaken, pretty significant service, would love to see it supported.


If supports webdav, ftp, or sftp you can always connect it that way through odrive as well!

I took a closer look at it. Anyone tried connecting over WebDAV? It looks like they support it: says it doesn’t currently work (and it never did, and it isn’t going to work anytime soon)

I was try. Can’t connect via webdav. Received this message: Invalid login credentials. Please try again.

Yeah. Looks like their webdav doesn’t work, or it requires an unintuitive method of connection. Bummer…

If someone wants to reach out to them and get some clarity, please let me know what they say.

I reached out to them, it’s same of what their help portal says “webdav currently in testing mode - not gonna work”


What about support?

+++ for
i’ve found you odrive today in one of comment on Dropbox infinte planning release on Product Hunt, it’s so awesome to try your product, really like it.
But with I think you will take heart millions of Russian speaking users.
And we tend to pay, it’s just 9 usd, for such pretty service.

Please, add support for