Add an always sync option

Odrive needs to redo how sync all subdirectories work. There should be an option to sync a folder that will sync everything in that folder in perpetuity. I should not have to select sync all again at all. Any files I add should be uploaded, any files added in the cloud should be downloaded, and all currents files in the folder should be downloaded completely. Sometimes I will select sync all and then get a check mark on the folder indicating the sync is complete. I then go into folder and examine its contents only to find a large number of folders and files are not synced and I have to go through the process of selecting sync all again. In addition to the sync and unsync options there to should be a selective or always sync option that causes a folder to fully sync both ways at all times. I love Odrive and I pay for the pro service but this glaring omission in features is making me reevaluate if I can rely on odrive to handle my cloud storage needs.

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Thanks for the feedback. This concept is what we call “sticky sync” and it is coming to Pro Sync. :sunglasses:

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This is awesome news!!!

I was about to ask for this as well. On a source computer, newly added files usually sync. A second machine that links to the same sync source only sees new files after a manual sync command is issued.

To my mind this is a basic feature - if a folder tree is selected to be synced, it should be synced to all devices where “Include subfolders” was chosen. If features such as this are going to be available only with a subscription option, it would be very helpful to publish a comparison matrix detailing features the basic plan provides and what options require an add-on. No problems with the add-on requirement, just needing clarification.

A manual sync shouldn’t be required, but it may take some sources longer to pick up remote changes. Sources that do not support a “changes” call are not as aggressively scanned since the calculating changes has more overhead. In the case where you need to pick up the changes faster you can manually refresh the target folder, as you have seen.

As we continue to add features we will likely create a matrix so it is clear. Thanks for the suggestion.

thanks for the answer Tony. Just to be clear: currently if I set the autodownload limit feature to ‘always download’ i get to synch locally only when i open the containing folder. with what you call ‘sticky sync’ will i get something similar to the dropbox or google drive client, where i select the folders i want to keep in sync locally and then forget about it? thanks again

Does google drive support the “changes” call? It would be nice to also know what cloud storage providers offer what advantages and potential disadvantages in terms of odrive’s feature set. I have quite a few cloud storage providers but my main use is with google drive. I have a separate tresorit and account for sensitive data I want totally encrypted from all eyes.

That is correct. You will essentially select it in-line, the way you currently do right-click->sync on a directory.

Yes. Google drive supports a changes call.

Since we are uniquely positioned to be subject matter experts on all of these integrations, I have wanted to do an in-depth comparison of all of the providers, covering features, speed, flexibility, use cases, etc. I just need to find the time…

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