ACD: files end up in waiting list

Hi, all files I upload to Amazon Drive end up in “Waiting”. What does this mean? See pic:

When I restart odrive the list is gone and the upload starts all over again.

I sync a 58 GB folder with 45 files. Each file is around 1 GB big. Until now no file was successfully uploaded to ACD.

It is possible these files are failing upload in some way. Amazon Drive has some quirks with regards to large files.

Can you send a diagnostic from the odrive menu and I can take a look?

I have submitted the diagnostic. Each file is aroung 1 Gb. I dont think they are too large.

It looks like Amazon is returning an error on these files:
“Cannot complete upload”

This doesn’t tell us a whole lot (or anything, really), but it is also not uncommon for Amazon. We’ve historically had issues uploading larger files to Amazon and their API will reject or error the upload without a definitive reason. It is one of the reasons we created IFS, to allow large uploads for archiving data.

Amazon has also not released their resumable upload API to devs, so we cannot try to resume where it left off. However, I believe they do make use of the resumable upload API in their own client. For these large file uploads, you may want to try using their client for these files and see if you have better luck.